Downtown Improvement

The website below is where the design team and community members of Hotchkiss can come together to create an open dialogue about what the town hopes to see as part of this downtown improvement plan.  Here you can find the results of the survey that was put out to the town in December 2020 as well as places to leave comments for our team.  ​This website will be updated as this project continued, and will be the place to find all the latest news and updates.  We hope to eventually have a forum-like section where people can vote and leave comments on different design concepts.  So be sure to check back again soon!

Click here to see the Design Concepts and leave comments!

Since 2018, the Town of Hotchkiss has worked with a steering committee, Region 10, and Community Builders to help us plan a path for downtown improvement and prepare for the sale of our old Public Works Building.  We invited the public to help us envision a future for our downtown that would be representative of our community values.  Thanks to all who showed up to help. Some of the outcomes have been our Prosperity Plan, our Community Downtown Guiding Principles and Public Works Building Community Vision.  Click on any of the links below to view these documents.