Planning Commission


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Town Ordinance 2021-03 established the current makeup of the Hotchkiss Planning Commission Board.  The Board is comprised of the Mayor, Town Trustees, and three Citizens from the Town at Large. The Planning Commission reviews future planning of the Town’s Growth, Zoning, the Master Community Plan, Land Use and various other issues that face the Town.

Members are Mayor Larry Wilkening, Chair Sean Cantrell, Rich Kramer, Roger Christian, Jim Wingfield and John Marta. Two members serve for two years; two serve for four years; two serve for six years and the mayor serves for the length of his/her mayoral term.  The employee and citizens from the Town at Large must be a resident of the Town of Hotchkiss and a registered voter. 

The Planning Commission meets the 4th Wednesday of the month.

Click here for information regarding Building Permits and Inspections.

Request to be placed on the Planning Commission Meeting Agenda

To make a request to be placed on the Planning Commission Agenda, please fill out this form and choose "Request for Planning Agenda Placement" under Subject.  All requests to be placed on the agenda must be made no later that the first Thursday of the month of the meeting.  In the message box, give a brief explanation of why you are requesting to be placed on the agenda. To see meeting dates, please click here to view the Town Calendar.