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The Planning Commission has a vacancy, please contact Town Hall for more information.

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CDOT Bridge Street Reconstruction


We will do our best to post the most up to date information here; however, the CDOT website is the best source of the most current information.  Click here for the CDOT website dedicated to our project.

TOWN UPDATE 6/21/22 - Some helpful tips for navigating the construction for everyone's safety...

  • LANE SHIFTS - Contractor anticipates moving the driving lanes to the south side on Thursday, June 23rd.  
  • PATIENCE - We are all in this together.  Please be kind, courteous and consider adding a few minutes to your planned travel time.  
  • ALLEYS - Please DO use alleys to access local businesses.  Please DO NOT use alleys as a way to pass completely through town.  They are not built for this traffic and we need to keep pedestrians accessing businesses safe.  
  • PRIVATE PROPERTY - Please do not cut through private property to bypass the construction.  Please continue to patronize our local business.  Driving through their parking lots causes a hazard to other patrons accessing the business.
  • PARK DR - Park Dr is ONE WAY west bound from Hwy 92 to the 4th Street Fairground's Entrance.  Park Dr is ONE WAY east bound from 3rd Street to the 4th Street Fairground's Entrance.  Please do not use this as a pass through to Hotchkiss Ave.  We need to keep this available for the residents that have lost their front access onto Bridge St.  Many of them are using very limited access to their residences off of Park Dr. and increased traffic is dangerous to them leaving their properties.  
  • STANDPIPE ON OAK DR - Please avoid parking on Oak Dr, if possible.  Our standpipe users need room to access the Standpipe.  
  • FARM EQUIPMENT - If you need to move farm equipment through town, please contact the Police Department 24 to 48 hours in advance so that they can work with you to plan an route and time to move your equipment.  Best contact is to email chief@townofhotchkiss.com.  If you are unable to email, please leave a message at 970-872-5456.  
  • If you have questions regarding any of the above or other concerns that we have not addressed here, please contact the Town at 970-872-3663 or clerk@townofhotchkiss.com.  We are working closely with CDOT and frequently have information that other sources might not have access to.  Please avoid using information that has not come from the CDOT or the Town regarding navigating the construction.  

Free public parking will be available in the following locations:

  • Elks Parking Lot on the corner of Main Street and 2nd Street
  • Hotchkiss Municipal Parking Lot on Hotchkiss Avenue between Oak Street and 1st Street adjacent to the Delta County Annex
  • Bridge Street Market lot at the southeast corner of Bridge Street and 2nd Street adjacent to the Old Coyote Drive In

Thanks for your patience as we all navigate this project together.  

Mosquito Control Spraying

Due to citizen complaints and concerns with West Nile Virus transmission, the North Fork Mosquito Abatement District will be stepping up their efforts in the area.  Efforts in Hotchkiss are part of a comprehensive plan by NFMAD to control mosquitos in the area.  For updates on their schedule, please like their Facebook page, North Fork Mosquito Abatement District.  Click here for the NFMAD website for more information or call 970-527-6681. If you would prefer that your property be skipped when spraying, please pick up free No Spraying signs at Town Hall.  Thank you for your patience as we work to keep our citizens safe.


Mosquito Control Education

The town of Hotchkiss would like to educate the community on how to know the signs of mosquito activity (the presence of Larvae). Every resident is responsible for emptying out containers that hold water, to which may become breeding sites for mosquitos. Some of the potential breeding sites may include irrigation ditches, run off water, large containers (such as urns), troughs and buckets, flower pots, creeks or streams, swampy low lying areas, ponds or lakes (including stock and duck ponds), birdbaths, ornamental ponds that may hold fish, water gardens or fountains, puddles and generally any places with no way for water to flow. It is important to walk your property to eliminate any standing water if possible. Otherwise, larvicide for treatment if the situation doesn't allow draining of standing water.


Outside Water Restrictions

Outside water restrictions enacted on August 18, 2020 remain in effect.

Due to the drought and water shortage, the Town of Hotchkiss is implementing water usage restrictions.  


When watering lawns, gardens or any outdoor landscaping we ask all citizens with the odd numbered address to water on odd numbered calendar days and all of the even numbered addresses water on even numbered calendar days.  

We ask that you conserve water in any way possible.  Please be attentive to how and what water is being used for.  

Thank you, we appreciate your consideration and attention to conserving our water resources.

Local CDOT Projects

We will do our best to keep you updated as we receive information; however, CDOT will always be the best place to get the latest information.  

CDOT Little Blue Project Detour Start April 29th

The detour of traffic from CO 50 to CO 92 for the Little Blue Project may cause significant traffic increases in Hotchkiss over the next 18 months.  Please click here to see the information from CDOT. 

Please be patient and exercise caution when travelling near and especially when crossing Bridge St.  

CDOT CO 92 Gunnison Bridge Project

Beginning November, 2021, and with completion planned for November, 2022, a temporary bridge will be installed to allow bypass of traffic during replacement of the bridge.  During Summer 2022, motorists may encounter single lane alternating traffic during day hours.  Click here for the latest info from CDOT.

Cedar Railroad Construction

The railroad will be working on the tracks on Cedar Dr located next to Town Hall on October 6th, 2022 for the hours of 9am to 12pm. The road will be blocked off. Click here for options showing detours during those times.