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For an emergency, please call 911.

To contact the Police Department, please call (970) 872-3848.

To contact the On-Duty Officer, please call (970) 874-2015.

The Police Department employs three full-time Officers in addition to the Chief of Police to cover the Town of Hotchkiss twenty four hours a day seven days a week. 

Click on name below to send an email.

Chief Scott Green | (970) 872-5456 | chief@townofhotchkiss.com

Officer Neil Ferguson | (970) 872-5457 | n.ferguson@townofhotchkiss.com

Officer Julia Thompson | (970) 872-5459 | j.thompson@townofhotchkiss.com

Officer Brian Berger | (970) 872-5458 | b.berger@townofhotchkiss.com

Compliance/Evidence Technician JoAnn Katzer | (970) 872-3848 | Message only (970) 872-5467 | j.katzer@townofhotchkiss.com





Agency Vehicles

Our Coffee with a Cop on June 12th at Drive-Brew Coffee and Blends was a great success.  Thanks to Hotchkiss FD, Gunnison County SO, Montrose County SO and Paonia PD for joining us.  Thanks to Roger's Mesa Store, City Market and Kim Shay for the community support.  



The Hotchkiss Marshal’s Office exists for the purpose of maintaining social order within the confines of prescribed ethical and constitutional limits.  As an agency of municipal government, the Hotchkiss Marshal’s Office will abide by sound principles of administration in fulfilling its mission requirements in an effective and efficient manner.


A society free from crime and disorder remains an unachieved ideal; nevertheless, consistent with the values of a free society, it is the primary objective of the Hotchkiss Marshal’s Office to as closely as possible approach that ideal.  In so doing, the Department’s role is to enforce the law in a fair and impartial manner, recognizing both the statutory and judicial limitations of police authority and the constitutional rights of all persons.


Prevention of Crime. Peace in a free society depends on voluntary compliance with the law.  The primary responsibility for upholding the law therefore lies not with the police, but with the people.  Since crime is a social phenomenon, crime prevention is the concern of every person living in society.  Society employs full-time professional police to prevent crime, to deter it and, when that fails, to apprehend those who violate the law.

Deterrence of Crime. While there are certain crimes that cannot be deterred, crimes committed against property and against innocent victims in public places are reduced by police patrol.  Street crime is curbed by the potential criminal’s fear of immediate apprehension or by the increased likelihood of his or her detection.  The deterrence of crime requires the investigation of behavior that reasonably appears to be criminally directed.

Apprehension of Offenders. The administration of criminal justice consists of the identification, arrest, prosecution, punishment, and rehabilitation of a law violator, and it has as its objective the voluntary compliance with the law as an alternative to punishment.  Once a crime has been committed, it is the duty of the Department to initiate the criminal justice process by identifying and arresting the perpetrator, by obtaining necessary evidence, and cooperating in the prosecution of the case.

Recovery of Property. The actual costs of crime are difficult to measure: there cannot be a dollar value assigned to the broken bodies, ruined lives, and human misery that are its products.  However, it is possible to observe the steadily mounting cost of lost and stolen property.  This loss as well as the other costs of crime must ultimately be borne by its victims.  To minimize the losses due to crime, the Department makes every reasonable effort to recover lost or stolen property, to identify its owners, and to ensure its prompt return.

Movement of Traffic. To facilitate the safe and expeditious movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, the Department must enforce traffic laws; investigate traffic accidents, and direct traffic.  To ensure compliance with traffic laws and to develop driver awareness of the causes of traffic accidents, the Department appropriately warns, cites, and arrests traffic violators.  Traffic accidents are investigated to protect the rights of the involved parties, to care for the injured, to determine the causes of accidents so that methods of prevention may be developed and, when a traffic law violation is discovered, to gather necessary evidence to prosecute the violator.  The Department provides direction for vehicular and pedestrian traffic during times of scheduled special events, emergency situations, and other times when the volume of traffic or the existence of hazardous circumstances require police attention to provide for the public safety.  The Department also provides information to the public in assisting them to safely and expeditiously arrive at their destination.

Service of the Public. Often, because there are no other public or private agencies available, the public relies upon the Department for assistance and advises in the many routine and emergency situations that develop in an urban society.  For this reason, and because there is frequently a potential for crime, the Department regularly responds to incidents where it is not contemplated that an arrest will be made.  To satisfy these requests and to assure the peace and safety of all persons, the Department responds to calls for service and renders such aid or advises as is necessitated or indicated by the situation.  Such services are provided in cooperation and in a coordinated effort with fire, rescue, ambulance and other safety agencies within the community.