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Police Department


For an emergency, please call 911.

To contact the Police Department, please call (970) 872-3848.

To contact the On-Duty Officer, please call (970) 874-2015.

The Police Department employs four full-time Officers in addition to the Chief of Police to cover the Town of Hotchkiss twenty four hours a day seven days a week. 

Click on name below to send an email.  Please do not leave any emergency or request for officer immediate contact on numbers below.  Please call 911 or Delta County Dispatch 970-874-2015.  

Chief Scott Green | (970) 872-3848 |

Corporal Cody Prentice | (970) 872-5467 |

Officer Lorin Winnett |

Officer Jarred Haskins |

Court Clerk/Admin Jeffrey Rodarte | (970) 872-5458 |

Complaints/Compliments | (970) 872-3848 |


Mission Statement

We the members of the Hotchkiss Police Department are committed to excellence in law enforcement, and are dedicated to our town. We adapt and evolve as a professional organization while reducing crime and providing critical and protective services for our community.  We act as guardians of peace and freedom, protecting constitutional rights of all while ensuring public trust. We relentlessly pursue the criminal element, while providing a safe environment for our community to flourish.

Core Values

Accountability: Openly identify and address problems, and willingly accept responsibility for our actions. Have uncompromising personal and professional integrity. Treat all with courtesy and respect.

Excellence:  Provide excellence and efficiency in policing. Surpass standard training and procedures. Build relationships through transparency and problem solving. Maintain a premier law enforcement agency that is trusted, supported, and accepted in our community.

Advocacy: Compassion and empathy for victims of crime. Treat all victims with fairness, respect, and dignity. Advocate for supportive systems for all individuals in need.

Community: Promote a community policing philosophy, prioritizing neighborhood partnerships. Respectfully promote the cultural diversity of our community. As a community, grow together and succeed together, through partnership and understanding.